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Health Coaching for Women Who Want to Thrive and Feel Better

Elevate Your Wellbeing.

Helping people make positive diet and lifestyle changes has become my “Labor of Love” after recovering from a debilitating illness. Join me on this journey as we work together to elevate your health and wellbeing, while practicing the art of living mindfully.

I create easy-to-follow methods to get you closer to your optimal health through nutrition, sustainable diet & lifestyle shifts, and mindful living. 

The Art of Living Mindfully

After years of struggling with and recovering from a debilitating illness, I have become passionate about helping others find purpose, inspiration and hope in the midst of their own health journeys. I have found that nutrition, clean eating, meditation and lifestyle shifts have had a profound impact on my health and I would love to help you find sustainable practices that will enhance your health and wellbeing as well! 

I’m Brandi and I’m ready to walk on this healing journey with you.


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Lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way by optimizing your diet for YOUR body. We will discuss important topics tailored to your needs to help you achieve your optimal weight making you feel more HEALTHY, VIBRANT and ENERGETIC. 

Weight Loss

Together, we will identify foods that are causing inflammation in your body and create an anti-inflammatory meal plan tailored to your lifestyle and needs. This program will help relieve symptoms caused by inflammation in the gut. 

Gut Health

A “whole-food” approach to learning about how food is affecting your body. You’ll learn about the importance of nutrient-dense foods, healthy fats, and how to use food therapeutically.


Ignite your dreams, unleash your potential and fulfill your purpose. We will work together to help you BREAKTHROUGH old patterns and habits and create lasting change. 

Mindset & Lifestyle Transformation


Ways to Work Together

I offer 1-on-1 health coaching, 6-month health coaching, group sessions, and digital courses. Keep scrolling to learn more about my focus areas.

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Brandi’s personal journey to wellness, her kindness and patience, combined with her expertise in integrative nutrition make her an amazingly compassionate and knowledgeable coach.


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21-Day Detox Cleanse 

Brandi showed kindness and compassion towards everyone in the group. Her knowledge and innovation for meals and preparation really helped me stay the course. I didn’t really think I would be able to be sugar free, egg free, dairy free, grain free, soy free and gluten free but I did it with ease thanks to the thoughtfulness of Brandi’s meal plans. Throughout the cleanse, I observed how elegantly and efficiently she answered people’s questions and concerns, with intelligence and care. Brandi is truly one-of-a-kind, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate coach.  

The 21-Day Detox Cleanse was incredibly well-planned with a lot of attention to detail. I was impressed! Brandi poured love, time, care, and energy into creating this safe space for all of us to open-up and share our health journey. I’d like to say she created a “womb-space”, a place where we could feel safe and nurtured as we detoxed. She designed a program that addressed all levels of healing: a clean diet plan based on whole foods, community support, movement through dance and pilates, meditation, and learning how to take better care of ourselves naturally. She is also someone who leads by example and that was most evident in her Facebook LIVE videos. She did the detox program along with us and shared her own meal prep routine which not only demonstrated her commitment to her own health, but to all of us in the program.



I am so grateful for Brandi’s 21 Day Detox Program. I have seen first-hand the changes in my body in regards to inflammation and increased energy levels. I have been able to stay on track with the program as the support and menu plan/recipes provided made this super easy to follow. I have never been able to jump into a program and stick with it to the end. Success! I made it to the end and continue to incorporate everything I have learned and continue to feel better than I have in years. I did not feel hungry or deprived throughout the 21 day detox. In the past this was one of the reasons for failure. Having the support of Brandi and the whole group was not only fun but inspirational. I am beyond grateful for this program and wonderful group of detox friends. Thank you Brandi!


I loved prepping my food for the week and having a shopping list which made me prepared to make all my meals. I also loved having prepared food ready to eat, this made the choices easy and I was not tempted to eat the wrong foods. I loved that the group was involved and helpful through the 21 days with recipe ideas providing questions and answers. I loved that I didn’t feel hungry after the meals. The support of the whole process made this detox a Win-Win!! 

Over the past few months, my life has been a bit crazy and I have gotten off track. I joined Brandi’s 21-Day Detox Cleanse and I loved it! It was fun, easy to follow, and I felt amazing! And, the food was delicious. I’m still using the recipes and tools. 



Brandi’s 21-day Detox Cleanse was clear to follow and 100% supportive along the way. She provided wellness education that was virtual to attend from all over the U.S. as well as a Facebook group to grow with. She also provided a delicious meal plan to try every day of the week and a detailed shopping list. I highly recommend working with Brandi for your health and wellness goals! 



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