Are you looking to make positive, lasting lifestyle changes but don’t know where to start?

1-on-1 coaching sessions allow us the opportunity to work weekly, monthly or whatever works best for your schedule. Let’s work together to create a concrete plan tailored to your lifestyle and needs, that will allow you to achieve your health related goals such as, stress management, improved gut health, weight loss, improvement of symptoms due to chronic illness, guidance on non-toxic living or simply to feel better about all aspects of your life.

We will discuss important topics that will help you make that shift from barely hanging on to thriving.

1-50 Minute (Phone or Zoom) Session

Coaching Session


You don't have to do it alone.

We Will Cover...

Food choices that will benefit your optimal health and meal planning/recipes to help get you started. You’ll discover foods that will improve your health while supporting your immune system, gut health and emotional wellbeing. Balance your digestive system while minimizing chronic digestive issues and reducing inflammation.

Personalized Food and Nutrition Suggestions

Tap into your inner soul and practice meaningful and intentional practices that will include self-care and mindset exercises, meditation, creative expressions, and other mindfulness practices to encourage you to stay the course! 

Mindset and Self-Talk

Incorporate more daily movement into your routine so that you can be more present in your body, relieve stress, improve energy levels, support immune health and feel more confident while losing weight.

Movement and Exercise

Create a routine you can follow that will allow you to prioritize your health and reach your weight-loss goals.

Habit Formation

Learn coping skills to manage your stress more effectively.

Managing Stress

Your relationships and community are important and an integral part of your life. We will work on building meaningful relationships and connections with people who will support you during your weight-loss journey. 


“Brandi Dean is perfectly suited to the field of Nutrition Health Coaching. She brings many years of integrative health research and study to the table as well as personal experience with its benefits. Her passion for holistic approaches to health and her ability to care for her Clients is unmatched.”


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After each call, you will receive handouts that will include the following:

o Summary of our session
o Goals, Intentions and Action Steps
o Recipes and Self-care practices


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