“Passion is the bridge that takes you from pain to change.”

Turning Pain into passion

- Frida Kahlo

In 2010, I started experiencing debilitating symptoms due to Lyme disease. It was devastating to experience such a dramatic shift in my health. I had been an active mother of one boy, expecting my second child when I began having vertigo, heart palpitations, debilitating muscle weakness, fatigue, daily panic attacks, heart palpitations, and intermittent hearing loss. I spent years working with a team of physicians, physical therapists, herbalists and others during my journey and I wouldn’t be here today without the compassionate care I received from each and every one of them. 

This experience has encouraged me to turn my pain into passion. I learned a lot about Post Traumatic Growth and the positive psychological changes one can experience as a result of adversity. Overtime, I was able to focus on these positive changes and discovered my new passion of giving hope to those in need of guidance and support during their own healing journeys.

I know the importance of nourishing the mind, body and spirit and want to help you find purpose, inspiration and hope in the midst of your own health journey.


Trusting your instincts, the power of compassion, healthcare equity, short emails, signs.


Long lines, crowded spaces, negative self-talk, and anchovies.


In the kitchen, on the sidelines cheering on my boys, practicing yoga, in the school pick-up line, organizing events for Ride Out Lyme, watching movies with my boys or daydreaming about future trips to Italy.

daily rituals

Morning affirmations, snuggles with my boys, long walks with Tucker

I have found that nutrition, clean eating, meditation and lifestyle shifts have had a profound impact on my health and I would love to help you find sustainable practices that will enhance your health and wellbeing as well! Whether you’re living with chronic illness, preparing for a big transition in your life or looking for someone to hold you accountable, I’m your girl!

You can read more about my journey in Good Housekeeping Magazine, Dr. Oz, WCVB 5, CBS Boston, SoulCycle and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital





Schitts Creek, my fave!

Fruit-infused water

Untamed by Glennon Doyle




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